New Appellate Procedure Resources Blog

Ahrend Albrecht has created a new how-to-appeal in Washington website geared toward answering the most common how-to-appeal questions. It is our hope to help provide guidance on appeal procedures so lawyers and citizens can more easily protect their rights on appeal. We can’t represent everyone who needs help, but with technology we can still help […]

Insurance Claim Second Opinions Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

You shouldn't be forced to cover your own damages down the road so an insurance company can make a bigger profit.

A recently settled case for one of our clients (with the help of talented co-counsel at Casey Law Offices) demonstrated the necessity of second opinions on settlement values more pointedly than any seminar or magazine article could. An injured client comes in not realizing the drunk who injured him has insurance.  His insurance company tried […]

How Should Judges Be Selected

Choosing which judge to vote for can be a complete mystery to the average voter, who has no real way to know a judge’s temperament or point of view. Short of sitting down to read actual opinions of each judge, an impossibly time-consuming task, how do you choose? Even worse, what should be done when […]

State of Washington Pays (Again) For Hiding Public Records

In what seems to be a regular pattern, Washington State was recently accused of trying to hide public records.  In an ironic twist, in this case the Department of Corrections appears to have been hiding records that would show how it hid records…yes, you’ll have to read that again.  Going completely through the looking glass, […]

Children Continued Being Molested and Assaulted Despite Telling DSHS of Abuse

Some stories just break your heart.  But in this story DSHS had so many opportunities to prevent and stop these children from being harmed, what might have been merely a heart breaking tragedy became a story that calls out for justice. My hat is off to the brave plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ attorneys in this case […]

Are Homeowners Required To Allow Construction Defects To Be Cured Before Suing?

In a word, no.  In Washington, contractors generally have no right to cure construction defects before they can be sued. BUT, and this is a big but, the contractor has a right to insist on this if they follow specific statutory notice requirements.  For homeowners and construction customers, then, the first step when looking into […]

Grant County Office

Ahrend Albrecht's Grant County Office

In 2012 Ahrend Albrecht opened a new Grant County office in the center of Ephrata, just two blocks east of the Grant County Courthouse and across the street from the historic Bell Hotel next to Patrick Real Estate. The office is conveniently located at: 16 Basin Street S.W. Ephrata, WA 98823. Basin Street is the […]

Spokane Office

Outside view of new Ahrend Albrecht PLLC office space

In 2012 Ahrend Albrecht opened a new office in Spokane County in one of Spokane’s most recognizable historic landmark buildings. In July 2014 we opened a larger office in Suite 614 with all the amenities and advantages you deserve and your lawyers need to provide the very best representation. The Paulsen Center is located conveniently on […]

Marketing Sign of Major Expansion

New Firm Logo

While a new logo might not seem too exciting, in this case we’re excited by what this new logo means–it reveals the beginning step of a major expansion. George Ahrend and Matt Albrecht are expanding their partnership to be more convenient to all of their Eastern Washington clients. Very shortly we will announce the new […]

Who comes out on top in a fight for contractor lien priority?

When land developments or construction projects go sideways, it can happen quickly and you as an individual contractor will often feel like you’re standing in line just hoping to be paid.  Luckily, with your construction lawyer’s help you will stand a much better chance of getting paid by using the contractor’s lien statute for your […]