What is mediation? Attorney Matt Albrecht answers.

  Realizing again recently that the words lawyers use and assume others know are far from ordinary, and far from normal, I am undertaking to help explain some of the basic steps in lawsuits and settlement of legal disputes.  We often throw out words like arbitration, mediation, and litigation to clients who are hearing new […]

Are Homeowners Required To Allow Construction Defects To Be Cured Before Suing?

In a word, no.  In Washington, contractors generally have no right to cure construction defects before they can be sued. BUT, and this is a big but, the contractor has a right to insist on this if they follow specific statutory notice requirements.  For homeowners and construction customers, then, the first step when looking into […]

Who comes out on top in a fight for contractor lien priority?

When land developments or construction projects go sideways, it can happen quickly and you as an individual contractor will often feel like you’re standing in line just hoping to be paid.  Luckily, with your construction lawyer’s help you will stand a much better chance of getting paid by using the contractor’s lien statute for your […]

One way contractors lose their right to legal fees in a lien foreclosure

Construction contractors in Washington have a right few other creditors receive:  you can record a lien against the improved property and receive payment for not only your services and materials provided, but also for the legal fees and costs necessary to foreclose the lien.  Hiring a lawyer experienced in contractor lien foreclosure lawsuits can help […]