David K. DeWolf

David DeWolf is proud to join the Ahrend Albrecht team and excited to apply his wealth of knowledge to the firm's clients' practical problems

David DeWolf is proud to join the Ahrend Albrecht team and excited to apply his wealth of knowledge to the firm’s clients’ practical problems

David K. DeWolf is Washington’s leading expert on tort law – the law that applies to cases such as medical malpractice, products liability, and motor vehicle accidents. In 1993 West Publishing Company (now Thomson Reuters) published Washington Tort Law & Practice, authored by David K. DeWolf and Keller W. Allen, which is widely cited by courts and practitioners. It has grown into a two-volume treatise, soon to appear in its 4th edition.

David started his legal career as a judicial clerk for the Idaho Supreme Court, assigned to the chambers of Justice Stephen Bistline. In 1980 he began private practice in Spokane, Washington, with the firm of Lukins & Annis, P.S. His practice consisted mostly of business litigation, with cases ranging from consumer protection claims to asbestos injuries. After four years of practice he began teaching at Oklahoma City University, where he taught torts and criminal law. One year of private practice in Santa Rosa, California led to an offer from Gonzaga Law School to join its faculty, and he has been there ever since. Most of the students who have graduated from Gonzaga Law School in the past generation have known him as “Professor DeWolf.”

In 2007 the Washington Pattern Instruction Committee invited David to join the committee that meets to compose or revise the jury instructions that are recommended for use in Washington superior and district courts. David was asked to join several subcommittees that revised (or approved for the first time) instructions on legal malpractice, product liability, negligent misrepresentation, and consumer protection.

David decided to serve as counsel for the firm of Ahrend & Albrecht because he has a high regard for the high quality of service that George Ahrend and Matt Albrecht provide to their clients. While he continues to teach full-time at Gonzaga Law School, he is proud to be able to help Ahrend Albrecht clients with his unique perspective and experience.