State of Washington Pays (Again) For Hiding Public Records

In what seems to be a regular pattern, Washington State was recently accused of trying to hide public records.  In an ironic twist, in this case the Department of Corrections appears to have been hiding records that would show how it hid records…yes, you’ll have to read that again.  Going completely through the looking glass, […]

Children Continued Being Molested and Assaulted Despite Telling DSHS of Abuse

Some stories just break your heart.  But in this story DSHS had so many opportunities to prevent and stop these children from being harmed, what might have been merely a heart breaking tragedy became a story that calls out for justice. My hat is off to the brave plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ attorneys in this case […]

Are Homeowners Required To Allow Construction Defects To Be Cured Before Suing?

In a word, no.  In Washington, contractors generally have no right to cure construction defects before they can be sued. BUT, and this is a big but, the contractor has a right to insist on this if they follow specific statutory notice requirements.  For homeowners and construction customers, then, the first step when looking into […]