One way contractors lose their right to legal fees in a lien foreclosure

Construction contractors in Washington have a right few other creditors receive:  you can record a lien against the improved property and receive payment for not only your services and materials provided, but also for the legal fees and costs necessary to foreclose the lien.  Hiring a lawyer experienced in contractor lien foreclosure lawsuits can help […]

Throw a dart…to pick a lawyer?

When looking for a lawyer, desperate people are often forced to open the phone book and flip through the yellow pages just hoping one of the ads will jump out and help them find that perfect match.  I can sympathize, after all, most people only deal with lawyers once or twice in their life, and it’s […]

Is it expensive to meet with a lawyer?

If you are looking for an initial consultation with a Spokane or Grant County lawyer, Matt Albrecht  will be glad to meet with you by telephone or in person with potential new clients at no charge. While you won’t receive legal advice in these free consultations (unless we agree to take your case), we usually have […]


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